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 About Us:

All American Transformational Dream Team

What is it that Americans are really interested in today’s troubled times?
Positive change. And that is what the All-American Transformational Dream Team is about. Four humorous, can-do, highly skilled professionals with 170 years of combined expertise in the “How-to” of successful, healthy change and relationships.

The group dynamic allows each team member to provide their own laser ability to penetrate to the truth of each reality show participant’s “story”. The Team’s “Medium”-like intuition is almost scary.

Throw any tricky , tough situation at them – and watch them nail it down! Whether the All-American Transformational Dream Team works with hostile divorced parents of a soon-to-be-married adult child, battling co-workers or fighting adult siblings or homeless individuals needing to gain skills to re-enter society, the audience will watch warring partners go from distrust and hostility to respect and restraint and each individual transform their issues into gifts. At the same time the audience will be entertained and educated.