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1. Cost per 1 hour of raw film shot?

2. Starting a film production company?

3. Sending my script to a production company?

4. Location Fees?

5. Obtaining film rights to a book?

6. Why are there so many production credits at the beginning of a film?

7. Where can I send screenplays?

8. Just out of school, what job should I try and take up?

9. What is the options process?

10. Independent movies over Hollywood movies?

11. What digital equipments should I use?

12. Will film be phased out?

13. What is the best handheld digital camera out there?

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What job should Itry and take up? I'm a communication studies major,
just out of school?

I like creative writing and post-production. Big company better or small company?
Writing better or technical position? Want to keep on learning about every aspect of tv and film production. I'm from Singapore.
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Speaking as an experienced TV news producer here...

You are just starting out. Begin at a small local station or small company, and try everything.

This will give you the benefit of gaining an understanding of all aspects of the process. Then, you choose a direction to specialize based on what you enjoy the most. I was was a producer who also wrote, did tape editing, and videography. You can do it all (and do it all with skill) if you want to invest the time to learn that much.

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