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What's the best handheld digital camcorder to shoot a short,
small-time movie with?

Preferably UNDER $1000* I really want to get into film production and I figured I would test the water - you have to start somewhere, right? I'm looking mostly for 1) high picture quality and 2) ability to execute simple cinematic effects like focusing in and out on an object. I may show it to the admissions directors at UCLA as part of my "portfolio" when applying to the film school next year, so I really would like it to look professional as possible.
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If you want the best under $1000, look for a 3ccd camcorder.

If you really want to get that "film look", you'll have to pay more money. you'll need something that will shoot in 24p. A new Panasonic DVX will cost you about $3500, but you can find cheaper ones on Ebay.

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