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 Yahoo! Answers: Independent production company

Does anybody like independent movies from an independent production company more then big budget Hollywood movies?

I am wondering if Hollywood has been tainted, however, before I get some input, I have a story heard through the grapevine, so I don't know if it is exact or reliable. Originally, in late 1999, the "Superman" script was written by Kevin Smith ("Clerks"). From what I heard, it was one of the best scripts ever written, with a Superman Phoenix rising from the ashes, a new look and from talk he was to be played by Nicholas Cage ("Valley Girl").

After review of the script from the production company, Smith was offended by the producers with their decision to write in a large mechanical spider, which was completely out of context. Kevin withdrew his script and "Superman" was left later to be made ("Cough Crap"). A year later "Wild Wild West" was released in theaters, hence they received their spider, and after questioning why the spider was used in the film, their response was, "Everyone likes giant spiders!"
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Tim Burton was not the producer, but was the director at the time. He also remarked to lose the outfit and not have him fly. Watch An evening with Kevin Smith...he tells the whole story and it is very funny. "Clerks" is a brilliant film and one of the most profitable films of all time as it only cost $21,000 to make and got a national distrubtion.

"Wild Wild West" was a stand alone project that could do anything because Will Smith was huge at the time. If they had put a giant spider in super man the hardcore fans and critics would have trashed the film to such an extent that it would have flopped. Its all about market!

Some of my favorite films of all time are indie films, Clerks being one of them, but my favorite film is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," a huge hollywood film packed with big, big names. You need both otherwise the indie films will be pulled into the studios and ruined and you won't get action flicks which we all like to watch once in a while.

Independent Movies Over Hollywood Movies
Independent production company

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