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 Yahoo! Answers: Independent production company

What is the process in which books are "optioned" to be made into films?
"Optioned" by studios, production companies, and /or performers... I understand the concept "optioning" - meaning that the option to make a fim adatation of a written work is bought for specific period of time, after which the rights revert to the owner (author /publisher)... but ...how are the options bought in the first place?
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Book rights or screenplays are usually presented to the producers for examination.

What does having an "option" mean (in publishing or in the film business)?
I've never understood what having an option meant, like when a publishing drops your option for your book. Or "Symone also has signed an acting and producing deal with Disney that includes a guaranteed pay or play on one movie, with an option for a second. It is uncertain whether "Babysitting" will be part of that deal."

When option is used this way.
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An option is a legal right to do something. If you have an option to produce a movie, no one else can produce it while your option is open. You usually pay for an option. Then no one can produce (or whatever the option is) the movie while you decide if you can get the financing, actors, etc that you need. If you decide you do not want to exercise your option, then you can let it lapse. The project is then open for grabs to others who might be interested.

Sometimes having an option can be like having gold. If you have an option on a book, to make a movie and the book becomes a run-away best seller while you still have the option, you are in the money. Then you could sell your option if you do not want to exercise it.

Books "Optioned" for Film
Independent production company

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