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POLP Feature Film


 Lori Sater: Principle Photographer

Lori Sater, is a talented multi-media artist and humanitarian. She has spent the last 10 years photographing Art Nouveau buildings throughout Europe Her travels have taken her as far as Japan and Australia. She has dedicated 26 years of her life supporting the SGI- USA a world peace organization. Lori was compelled to collaborate in the making of  the  feature documentary ‘LOVE” because of her passion for justice and equality. Her quick and highly detailed eyed brought a series of powerful journalistic photographs to ‘’LOVE” earning her the position of  principal Photographer. Now, she is working on her second feature film documentary “For The Love of My Country” .She is a mother of two children. She understands the importance about creating entertainment which has a positive impact. Amongst some of  Lori  interests  are Renaissance art, enamel objects, and  flowers. Lori says “I live in a world of color and pattern.  She is currently working on a painting series entitled “The Feminine In Nature”.  She attended Ithaca College and received a BA in Art History and Literature.

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