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Creating Abundance in our Lives

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Proven, Successful Tips and Opportunity for Creating Abundance in Our Lives
By Beth Fortman-Brand
From For You Magazine, Volume One, 2005

We all deserve to live an abundant life. What that means is - we have more than is minimally required for our needs to be met with extra to share and save. In order to live an abundant life, we must free ourselves of our limiting beliefs. We then become open to greater opportunities and are willing to accept the unlimited possibilities that come our way.

How we choose to think, feel, and act in each moment is what creates all the moments that make up our lives. It sounds simile However, it's not easy because it requires taking action - the action of aligning with new beliefs about deserving an abundant life.

personal devlopment growth

There are five conditions that must be implemented in our lives to create abundance.
They are:

(1) Pay yourself first - TIP: Save before paying any bills.
(2) Unconditional charity - TIP: Tithing, volunteering time. Next time you see a homeless person, don't judge, give. Remember: "There for the grace of God go L"
(3) Where you come from is where you end up - TIP: Check your motivation. You want your actions to create a win-win. Ask: "What would Love do?" The fear of not having enough, will defi¬nitely stop the flow of abundance. Remember: What goes around comes around.
(4) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude - TIP: Count your bless¬ings. Each morning think of five new things to be grateful for.
(5) Gracefully accept - TIP: Start by allowing yourself to accept compliments. Take a breath and say, "Thank you." Also, find ways to return the gift to the giver because the true gift belongs to t
he giver.

In my book, The Power of Love, Living from Our Hearts, a personal development growth book, there are detailed explanations of these conditions and many other successfully applied tools to creating an abundance of love, joy, peace, health, and prosperity!

Abundance can come from less cash flow going out, more cash flow coming in, or both.

I have found many ways to help my clients increase their cash flow by spending less to get more.

If you are interested in improving your relationship with abundance, make sure your financial advisor has a good relationship with it also.

Proven, Successful Tips and Opportunity for Creating Abundance in Our Lives

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