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 The People:
Beth Fortman-Brand,

Beth is a Transformational Intuitive Facilitator (T.I.F.) for personal and corporate clients nationwide. For over 25 years, Beth has designed and conducted numerous workshops and seminars in public and corporate arenas. The purpose of these workshops are to teach how to develop and successfully apply a variety of skills required for building and maintaining healthy relationships both personally and professionally. Learn about her book here.

Not only is Beth engaging, dynamic, and witty, she is an expert in the “How-to” of living a successful lifestyle and...

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Doug Brand was a student from 1976-1983, staff member and facilitator for the James A. Takacs & Associates seminars and workshops. These seminars and workshops were intensive courses in life management skills including: Creating Loving Relationships, Communication, Intention Training, Creative Imagery, Self-Hypnosis, Rage Reduction/Anger Management, Dream Analysis, Developing the Alpha State (of Mind) as a Tool of Intension, Rebirthing, Acupressure, Massage. During this time, Doug facilitated many of the seminars and workshops. In fact, when Doug first became a...

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   Love Knows No Borders, Same-Sex