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 What is a production company?

What is a production company?  

When asked, "What exactly is a production company? Brett Cullen* answered,
"A production company is simply a company that options or buys scripts or books or stories and tries to produce them...either by finding the financing ourselves and producing the movie independently or going to a studio and producing the movie through them."

Wikipedia.org says a "production company refers to a company responsible for the development and physical production of a film or television program. The production company may be a small company who sells its film to a film studio, or it may be the studio itself."

If you were to ask Beth Fortman-Brand, Executive Producer and President of Power of Love Productions and author of Power of Love: Living from Our Hearts, the same question, "What is a production company?" she is likely to respond, "Yes, Brett is correct and I'd like to expand on his answer a bit by saying that Power of Love Productions is a production company that feels great responsibility about the types of projects we choose to produce. That is why Power of Love Productions operates with clear intentions. As a production company our intentions are always to produce projects that not only have entertainment value but are also inspirational and educational."

So, again, "what is a production company?" A company that produces for the general public. Currently, Power of Love Productions is producing several projects:

1. A feature length film, "Love Happens" which is a profound, true love story that teaches the power of love and the miracles that occur when everyone takes responsibility for themselves based on the book, Power of Love: Living
from Our Hearts

2. Books currently featured are Power of Love: Living from Our Hearts by Beth Fortman-Brand and Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Guide to a Journey of a Lifetime by Maia Berens.

3. Educational broadband projects.

4. Internet web projects with the "All American Transformational Dream Team".


So if you are asking the question, "What is a production company?" and expect an everyday answer, expect again if you ask Beth, and her husband, Doug Brand, or their other partners in Power of Love Productions.

* Brett Cullen (http://www.brettcullen.com) Brett is an accomplished film, television and theater actor: "The Chisholms", "By the Sword", "Legacy", "The Thorn Birds", "Eureka Stockade", "Falcon Crest" , "The Young Riders", "Apollo 13", "Something to Talk About", "The Killing Jar", "Courage Under Fire" ,"The Hired Heart" , "From the Earth to the Moon"

What is a production company?