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13. What is the best handheld digital camera out there?

 Yahoo! Answers: What is a production company?

What digital cameras are good for new filmmakers and which PC's are best for digital editing?
I am a new filmmaker and I want to start filming short films for entries into film festivals. I have Adobe Production Studio for post production but I need to get a new computer so that I can install the software. What kind of computer would be good for editing digital films and what kind of cameras are good quality yet inexpensive?
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You need a box with at least 2G Ram and a big HD (pref 2) if you are goign to be doing significant editing. I would try a custom systemax config from http://www.tigerdirect.com

Get the Core2 Duo, Chipset at 2.4Ghz. it does well with rendering and video applications.

Canon has some good midrange DV cameras http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications

But if you are trying to gett taken seriously I like this unit for affordable but professional results; http://www.hotbuyselectronics.com

What digital equipment should I use?
What is a production company?

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