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1. Cost per 1 hour of raw film shot?

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 Yahoo! Answers: Film production companies

What is the approx. cost per 1 hour of raw film shot by a video production company?
- What would be the approx. cost per 1 hour of raw film shot by a video production company. The film could be about e.g. about a tourist attraction or a wedding ceremony. I realise the cost would depend on the location and size of the task, but could you try to give me best estimates and a range of costs.

- What would be the cost for 3 hours of raw film as above? What would be the cost of 5 hours?

- What would be the cost of editing this 1,3,5 hours of raw film into 1,3,10,60 minutes of video per 1,3,5 hours of raw film?

- What are the different types of video formats a company could produce the final edited film in? Would the cost be different based on the format? How much different for each format?
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Labor costs dominate these cost calculations and source format runs a close second. Make a production in NYC or LA or any other union location and initial costs go up. Use film instead of video and costs go up. Extensive post-production work (to correct screw ups or to make it oh-so-slick) will be extra. Experienced professionals will always cost more up front but can save tons of money in the final product - if managed properly.

Costs very widely based on what you are looking to do, who you want to do it, and what format you want it in.

Every project is different.

Do you need lights, seperate audio person, wireless mics, tripod, dolly, etc.

Your best option is to put together what you want to have done then call around to different video companies.

A kid with a video camera might work for minimum wage while a production company could ask for $100-$10000 an hour depending on what your needs are.

Cost of 1 hour of Film
Film production companies

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