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 Yahoo! Answers: Film production companies

Location fee: How much can I charge a film crew to use my house per day filming?
How much does a TV production company pay for using a property in a sought after area for filming. Very nice large house, stands out from the others in the area that would be available.

Has anybody got any experience?
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It depends on whether it will be hours or days, and how much disruption will be caused. E.g. £500 - £1000 per day or £50 - £100 per hour. If they require your house for exterior shots only then it will be at the lower price bracket. You need to contact the location managers at major TV companies - regional BBC headquarters, ITV regions etc. There are agencies such as lavishlocations.com who will hold your property's details in a library and send out your details to interested parties. Part of your fee will then be paid to the agency for their work. Get a professional photographer to take some quality photographs of your house which are well-lit, and don't be tempted to do it yourself on a small digital camera. Remember that you are looking to impress. Best of luck - my small terraced house has been the location for a BBC Wales drama. I was lucky in that someone just came and knocked at my door.

Try coming up with a figure based on the value of the house. If the house is worth, say, $500,000 then a daily charge for using it could easily be $5000. You also want a contract that says they will repair any damages to the property... and when you bring in a production company SOMETHING WILL be damaged.

Check with a local Real Estate Agent and get some ideas.

No set rate for this.

Check if they need power though - that's a good bargaining point.

It rather depends on the scale of the production.

Some TV shows are made on budgets of as little as ten thousand pounds so don't assume it's megabucks time.

Even if it's BBC or Channel Four or someone who sounds big, it might be a humble production company (like mine) doing it for them for peanuts.

Such is the way of our industry these days.

If not, start high and negotiate downwards.

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