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 Yahoo! Answers: Film production companies

Are film cameras ( i.e. Nikon, Canon etc. ) production going to be phased out and vanish from the market?
I definitely find this VERY DISTURBING. I still use FILM cameras ( digital SLR cameras are soooooo expensive)----and I have experimented w/ digital so I don't have any qualms----I want to own MORE film cam ( Nikon F6, Canon EOS 7e) just to spice up my passion.
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Film camera's will continue to survive as a niche market.

Nikon has already stopped making all film models except the F6 and one entry level model and smaller brands are struggeling for survival or being bought up (Sony bought Konica-Minolta, Leica is partnering with Panasonic, etc.).

35mm film cameras still have their use however and will be around for some time yet.

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Thank God the film camera will still be around---it CAN'T turn to some FOSSIL with availability of 35mm rolls
still out there!

Will Film Cameras Phase Out?
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